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  4. SCOTTISH BRIDES: Well Pleasured Novella
  5. SCOTTISH BRIDES: Well Pleasured Novella

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The man standing in front of her had saved her, but for what purpose? But did that mean she could trust him? As if sensing her thoughts, he snorted and jerked his head slightly. Margaret winced. The big Scotsman was probably correct, and she knew her deceased mother would have ordered her to get down on her hands and knees just to thank him, but the truth was — he looked a little unbalanced. His eyes were hot and flashing with temper, and there was something in him — something strange and indescribable — that made her insides quiver.

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Her savior or was it nemesis? His eyes narrowed. I have a friend with property in the area, and he tells me that the inns are full of women who have been compromised on the way to Gretna Green but never wed. Her entire countenance changed. Tell me, sir, how old is she, what does she look like, and are you a Fornby, Ferrige, or Fitch?

He looked at her as if she had suddenly sprouted horns.


My name is Angus Greene. She scowled at him. A fresh burst of rain fell upon them, and without even thinking, Angus took her arm and pulled her under the deep overhang. She kept on talking through the entire maneuver. His hand tightened around her arm. She caught sight of the fire burning in his dark eyes, and drew back as far as his heavy grip would let her.

Angus yanked her in closer, purposefully using his size and strength to intimidate her. Do you have any idea what happens to women traveling alone? Did you give no thought to your own safety? He let go of her and started to pace. The woman is daft. Margaret blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of all this. Who are you to judge me? The fellow had woken up, and was slowly rising to his feet, obviously trying to move as silently as possible. He was in front of the burly man in two steps, then grabbed his collar and hauled him up until his feet dangled in the air.

Angus ignored her. Perhaps you ought to let him go. Margaret was so surprised she started to cough. His voice was hard and strangely flat as he repeated his question.

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Margaret blinked uncontrollably at the odd light in his eyes, and she had the most horrifying feeling that he would kill the man if she just gave the word. It quite satisfied my meager bloodlust.

SCOTTISH BRIDES: Well Pleasured Novella

She was going to have to make a run for it soon. This Angus Greene fellow might have saved her life, but he was completely mad. She might not like this huge Scotsman, but she was no idiot. He was twice her size, after all.

SCOTTISH BRIDES: Well Pleasured Novella

He quickly closed the difference between them, crossed his arms, and glowered down at her. Therefore, you are coming with me, and we will decide what to do with you in the morning. If she is indeed here, she will not resume her journey any earlier than ten.

Blog Shop. More pages Overview Prices and opening times Getting there History. Opening times Access is by prior arrangement during the following times by calling Overview Admire the mausoleum of the Black Douglases, friends to Robert the Bruce and one of the most powerful noble families in s Scotland.

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