German airborne divisions : Blitzkrieg 1940-41

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German Airborne Divisions : Bruce Quarrie :

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Axis History

Fighter Pilot's Heaven. Donald S. Jagdgeschwader Progressive Management. Your Price per book :. Total for 25 copies: Save. Found a lower price on another site? Request a Price Match. Quantity: Minimum Order: 25 copies per title Must be purchased in multiples of 25 copies. List Price:. Publisher Identifier:. Retail Price:. Overview The German Army of World War II was the first to fully realise the benefits of using airborne troops alongside armoured formations. German Airborne Divisions became an integral part of the blitzkrieg operations that overran much of Western Europe during and , from the historic raid on the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael to the pyrrhic victory over British and Commonwealth forces on the island of Crete.

This title looks at the creation, evolution, and early operational deployment of the German airborne forces 'Fallschirmtruppe' , through highly detailed orders of battle, TOEs and examinations of crucial aspects such as doctrine, training, command and control, and the concept of vertical envelopment.

Operation Sea Lion

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  6. Orders that do not qualify for free shipping will be verified prior to order processing. Estimated Delivery: business days, unless specified for Rush Shipping Important Note: Books ship from various warehouses and third-party suppliers. Order with multiple titles may receive several packages to fill the entire order. Check and wire-transfer payments are available offline through Customer Service. Learn More. Two more battalions were formed during the fall of and the unit was redesignated as the 1st Air Landing Assault Regiment German : Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1. The regiment did not participate in the opening stages of the invasions of Greece and Yugoslavia , but was kept in reserve until it was needed for the invasion of Crete.

    The 1st battalion was landed by DFS gliders towed by Ju 52s of Luftlandegeschwader 1 , but the rest of the regiment was parachuted in the vicinity of Maleme airfield on 20 May However, reinforced by several battalions of the 5th Gebirgs Mountain Division that landed the next day they were able to force the New Zealanders to retreat. This was the only time in the war that the regiment fought as a complete unit.

    Following the surrender of Crete, regiment forces were involved in mass reprisals against civilians in villages such as Kondomari , Alikianos and Kandanos. After reforming and refitting, the regiment took part in the fighting in the Soviet Union prior to and during the Soviet winter counter-offensive. The 2nd Battalion was deployed in the Army Group North sector. The 1st Battalion was flown to Smolensk on 6 December and then moved to the Yukhnow area, west of Kaluga , to bolster the German defenses there.